LTISD Learning Together Conference 2016 has ended

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Thursday, February 11





Teaching Their Hearts M 310FULLMo O'Brien Rolling with the Changes M 122LIMITEDEmployee Assistance Program Take 10 CPR Training: BEGINNERS (FOR SELECTED PARTICIPANTS ONLY) Wrestling M 501LIMITEDTake 10 CPR (Louis Gonzales) Crucial Conversations M 211FILLINGStephanie Williams The Teacher Leader in You M 114LIMITEDTony Borash An Ethic of Excellence M 120LIMITEDSam Hicks Connecting Curriculum M 208LIMITEDSheri Bates • Amy Castillo • Pete Hunt • Dana Schrader Designing Visual Thinking and Learning: Design- The Pedagogy of Process M 119LIMITEDKen Shelton Differentiation Through Social Media M 112LIMITEDJohn McCarthy Let Your Voice Be Heard M 109LIMITEDKathy Austrian Making Room for Mistakes M 118LIMITEDCathy Hill • Jodie Villemaire Rubrics: Designed by Students for Learning M 115LIMITEDGaynell Lyman The Power Of Questioning Using Positive Presuppositions M 201LIMITEDDr. John Crain Using Problem Solving to Empower Young Mathematicians M 116FILLINGSarah Collier Blended Learning with Smore! D 205 LabLIMITEDJennifer Neuse Celebrating Writing Through Podcasts M 205LIMITEDDeana Locklear • Mallory Thompson Exploring the Digital World Through TexQuest Digital Databases Library Rotunda LabLIMITEDMarisa Mejia • Elizabeth Stearns GDR: Google Docs for Research D 202 LabLIMITEDMonica Wommack Google 101 D 206 LabFULLSharon McMichael Practical Technology Teaching Tips K 101 LabFULLDavid Garcia • Marla Retano Tools to Make Communication with Students and Parents Easy and Efficient M 220 LabLIMITEDJen Gidley Schoology as a Team M 209 LabLIMITEDArchie McHarg 10 ways to Make your Class Cozier for Gifted Students K 107LIMITEDAngela Garinger • Patsy Mendel Behavioral Supports and Strategies for the Classroom K 104FULLMatt Carle • Clare Chung • Suzanne Pawlak Making the Most of PE K 106LIMITEDMarijke Hagerty-Bakker • Marisa Schuller Sensory Make and Take M 105FILLINGCarol Elskes Understanding and Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom M 107LIMITEDCyndi O’Toole Where Did That Come From? - How to Choose a Meaningful Goal K 105LIMITEDGail Denton • Erin Russo Test Security in State Assessments K 109FILLINGKathy Burbank Keynote Q&A - What's Wrong with What's Right Black BoxLIMITEDRushton Hurley Team Building and Diversity Activities That Work! M 207LIMITEDCourtney Cooksey • Ginger Meeks • Aaron Wedemeyer Empathy Theory and Realistic Bully Response M 212LIMITEDTara Chill Authentic Learning Experiences - Secondary Science Lab M 311LIMITEDJill Escalante • Mallory Shackelford Awaken the Learner M 206FILLINGJennifer Sanders Drilling Down into the Math TEKS: How to Achieve Deeper Understanding Through Instruction M 121FILLINGSheri Remore Gauging Learning: Recontextualizing Assessment & Grading for the 21st Century Learner M 117LIMITEDTara Banton Middle School PLTW GTT Updates E 103LIMITEDRachel Behnke Words Their Way: The What, the Why and the How M 202FULLKailey Arrivo-Scheffke • Amanda Bisbey • Bonnie Davenport • Rachel Hughes Get Your Schoology Course Ready for Fall 2016 (Secondary) M 321 LabFULLCarl McLendon Online Discussion Forums using Schoology Made Easy D 203 LabLIMITEDJoel Stuemke Organizing Your Class in Schoology D 204 LabFILLINGLori Wristers Writing Goals and Objectives that are TEKS Aligned K 102LIMITEDMidge Simmons Wake Your Brain! Part 1 Science Lab M 312FULLBrekka Larrew • Vanessa Malone A Holistic Approach to Health and Nutrition M 210FILLINGEmily A. Haeussler, RDN. LD


An Intro to Positive Discipline: Learn Tools and Promote Social-Emotional Learning K 106FULLAustin Family Counseling Get Your Class to Drink the “Classroom Kool-Aid” M 207FILLINGKristina Grant Student Discipline - How to Keep Minor Issues from Becoming a Major Problem M 212FULLDionne Burnett Financial Planning with LTISD’s 403b/457b Retirement Plans Recital Hall M 307LIMITEDTCG Take 10 CPR Training: REFRESHER (FOR SELECTED PARTICIPANTS ONLY) Wrestling M 501FULLTake 10 CPR (Louis Gonzales) Time Management-If I Just Had 2 More Hours in the Day M 122FULLEmployee Assistance Program Eduphoria: Communication, Coordination & Monitoring M 220 LabLIMITEDDarnell Horton • Wendy Sturdevant How to Use Classroom Walkthroughs For Continuous Improvement M 106LIMITEDZach Freed • Marla Mikolay #WhyITeach M 205FULLJen Gidley Blended Learning Strategies for Elementary Classrooms M 114FILLINGTony Borash Blended Learning Strategies for Secondary Classrooms M 115LIMITEDGaynell Lyman ERR - Extend, Review, and Reteach M 208FILLINGSheri Bates • Pete Hunt • Dana Schrader Introduction to Authentic Learning Experiences M 112LIMITEDJohn McCarthy Learning in the Living Room @HBMS M 215LIMITEDAmy Castillo • Mark Robinson Run with the Squirrels: Marzano's High Yield Strategies M 316FULLRachel Behnke Setting the Tone for Positive Results M 105LIMITEDApril Glenn Teaching the Syllables M 211LIMITEDKerri Newton • Marla Retano The TDEC Totem Pole and Other TDEC Adaptations M 310LIMITEDBrad Tucker Using Authentic Reading to Empower Young Readers M 116FULLSarah Collier Using Desmos in Math Library Tables/WorkspaceLIMITEDDonna Wahl Verbing the Stuff M 201LIMITEDDr. John Crain Techno Style M 118LIMITEDCathy Hill Designing Visual Thinking and Learning: Visual Storytelling (Cinematic Narrative) M 119LIMITEDKen Shelton Prodigy Library Rotunda LabLIMITEDMelissa Thornton Recording Your Lessons in Real Time Using SMART Recorder K 105LIMITEDRobert Messner • Dora Rodriguez Technology 101 M 209 LabFILLINGClaude Pardue • Todd Taylor TexQuest Databases for Elementary D 202 LabLIMITEDCaitlin Hooker Tips on Becoming a Google Certified Educator D 206 LabLIMITEDSharon McMichael Using Google Apps to Teach Science D 203 LabFILLINGMary Carnes • Amanda Reedy Technology in the Inclusion and Special Ed Classroom D 205 LabFULLKim Oren Getting a Digital Video Project Going M 120LIMITEDRushton Hurley ARD Alignment M 109LIMITEDLaura Abbott The gifted learner, growth mindset and perfectionism K 104LIMITEDRaine Maggio Understanding and Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom M 107FILLINGCyndi O’Toole STAAR Alternate 2 K 109LIMITEDKathy Burbank Get Your Students Excited About Learning K 103FULLCarroll Taggart



Misperceptions about Bullying: A Student and Teacher Dialogue M 215LIMITEDKatie Durrett • Valerie Eiferle • Frank Shoemaker OLWEUS In Action K 104LIMITEDKimberly Kellner • Kara Lucas A Bird's-Eye View of School Finance M 107LIMITEDJohnny Hill Handling Your High Stress Job M 122FULLEmployee Assistance Program What to Expect at Work When You are Expecting M 106LIMITEDPaola DeLaMelena • Toni Larsen “I’ve Got your Back! Body Mechanics” M 210LIMITEDChristine Urban Crucial Conversations with Parents M 105FULLAlicia Martinez • Amanda Prehn Ahoy, Matee! Leveled Math Centers Library Tables/WorkspaceLIMITEDAmelia Moya Assessments in Schoology K 101 LabFILLINGRyan Dann • Marie Lord • Jenny Mashburn Building a Caring Community M 121LIMITEDJulie Richards Civil Disobedience: Empowering Student Voice for Learning Ownership M 112LIMITEDJohn McCarthy Design Thinking M 114LIMITEDTony Borash Expository Writing Strategies M 208FILLINGKathryn DeLange • Katelyn Houchin • Jenn Monshaugen Genius Hour: Leverage Inquiry to Personalize Learning M 115FILLINGGaynell Lyman Kagan Structures to You M 207FILLINGLauren Bowden • Deanna McParland Math Workshop: The Mini Lesson Science Lab M 311FULLChasity Beatty Mathematical Preppers M 118LIMITEDCathy Hill New SAT Vs. Old SAT M 211LIMITEDRaine Maggio Putting the 'A' into STEAM M 212LIMITEDCharles Aguillon Research: It's Elementary M 116LIMITEDSarah Collier Rubric Capacity: Meaningful and Motivating Feedback M 117LIMITEDTara Banton UIL Academics: What's New? Recital Hall M 307LIMITEDDr. David Stevens Unpacking the TEKS M 201LIMITEDDr. John Crain What is the Dual Language Program at LTE & Why are DL Strategies Great for All Classrooms? M 109LIMITEDAngela Frankhouser Whole Brain Teaching/Active Engagement M 310FULLKara Knicky • Jackie Mohr Ag....The Great Misconception and How We Tie it All Together! M 316LIMITEDKelly White • Perry White Digital Age Literacies- Going Beyond Basic Google Search M 119FILLINGKen Shelton Digital Make & Take Library Rotunda LabFILLINGAlison Brown • Keegan Luedecke Gamestar Mechanic M 220 LabLIMITEDMarisa Mejia • Elizabeth Stearns Geometry Exploration Activities Using Geogebra D 203 LabLIMITEDJorge Jacquez Hour of Code D 202 LabLIMITEDCaitlin Hooker Out of the Box with Google Chrome D 206 LabLIMITEDSharon McMichael Schoology Success for All Learners D 204 LabFULLAmy Castillo • Megan McDermott Tech Tools for Teachers D 205 LabLIMITEDVanessa Aguillon Technology 101 M 209 LabLIMITEDClaude Pardue • Todd Taylor Schoology Ambassador Information Session M 319 LabLIMITEDCarl McLendon Making Your School Something Special M 120LIMITEDRushton Hurley Decoding the Mystery of Dyslexia K 103FULLLonnie Driggers • Karen Frey • Carol Nelson • Mary Senn • Diane Tilley • Shannon Voges Paraprofessionals: Implementing Academic Accommodations K 102FULLMidge Simmons Working as a Team: Tips and Tools for Teachers Working with Paraprofessionals K 105FILLINGClare Chung • Erin Russo Session for TELPAS Raters to Review Testing Procedures K 109LIMITEDKathy Burbank HBMS Day of Service M 205LIMITEDKevin Malandruccolo • Dana Schrader

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